Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Project: Wet Jet Mop Cover

This post contains links to items I used in the activities described.  I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.  I was not paid by these brands nor did I receive goods or payment to recommend the products, they are just the products I chose for the project.

We have three kids, a messy dog and a kitchen and dining room with vinyl floors and a breakfast room with undefinable floors that need regular washing and wipe downs.  I am the proud owner of a Swiffer Wet Jet - this cleaning item is super easy to use since all I have to do is pull it out of the garage to give my floors a nice once - over to last between real washings.

The disposable pads cost too much for the amount I tend to go through!  I had seen on Pinterest a while back a pattern for a regular dry Swiffer mop head cover.  When I clicked the link, Pinterest told me users had reported Spam and other deviant content, so I was resolved to designing my own.  Besides, I have a wet jet which has those spouts on either end which need to be exposed for it to work correctly.

If you do not crochet, and would like a mop head cover of your own, please Request a Custom Order from my Etsy shop, and I will gladly make you one with your choice of colors.

Here it is, from me to you, a crochet pattern so you can make your own Wet Jet mop head cover.

Wet Jet Mop Cover

H Hook
1.8 oz Worsted Weight Cotton - I used a discontinued color of Lily Sugar and Cream similar to this one.

Gauge: 10 HDC & 10 Rows HDC = 3"

Chain 62.
Row 1:  HDC in 3rd Ch from hook. HDC in each Ch across. (60 HDC)
Row 2: Ch 2, Turn. HDC in each HDC across (HDC)
Row 3 - 14: Repeat Row 2.
Fasten off, weave in ends.

You now have a rectangle that measures roughly 17" x 4".

With wrong side facing, fold over edges counting 10 HDC (for me this was just about 3" on each end). I place a stitch marker to align the folded flaps to the body of the mop head.

Insert hook at side fold, and draw up loop. Ch to secure.  Through both layers, SC across all 10 stitches.  SC in each of next 20, and through both layers for the last 10 HDC.  Fasten off, weave in ends.

Turn piece to finish off the other side.

Again, in the folded edge, insert hook, draw up loop. Ch to secure.  Through only one layer, HDC in same stitch and each of next 10.  You should now be at the edge of the folded piece.  Foundation HDC 20 sts. To join to open edge at opposite side:
YO, Insert hook in bottom of previous FHDC, insert hook into first stitch of open edge, draw up loop, draw through all loops on hook.
HDC in next stitch, and remaining 50 stitches. Join. Fasten off, weave in ends.

To place on your Wet Jet, be sure the "open" end is facing forward where the spouts are, and stretch across the mop head.  When it gets dirty, you can even flip it inside out to keep cleaning before throwing the whole thing in your washing machine!

Happy crafting and cleaning!


  1. Does it need to be cotton? I had planned on using some of my stash to do this with (I have two kids, a husband, a dog and regular babysitting duty my floors go through hell!) but I don't have any cotton, it wouldn't be a problem to pick some up but I was wondering if your regular acrylic yarn would do?

    1. Thanks for asking! Cotton does a great job soaking up dirt and swooshing the cleaning solution around the floors. Acrylics don't tend to absorb the way the cotton would, and I am not sure how clean the floors would actually come out with an acrylic yarn. The Lily Sugar and Cream worsted can usually be picked up for around $2/skein - even less if you grab it on sale or with a coupon - and you would have plenty for a cover with just the one skein. Cotton is what I use for dishcloths, these covers, and anything else I am cleaning with!! Thanks for the question and happy stitching!

    2. @Chelsea, I've heard the acrylic is best for dusting (quick sweep even!) as it creates it's own static cling :) Cotton is for sure the best for the wetjet :)
      @Amanda, thanks for sharing this! :)

    3. Thank you for both of your responses! I went out and got a cone of white sugar and cream and this thing works so much better than the flimsy paper things they sell. Thanks for the advise! My house already feels cleaner (not for long these kids have it out for me, one just spilled peach juice all over the floor right after I mopped ;_; )

  2. What size MM hook did you use please?!

  3. I love this pattern! The link to your etsy shop doesn't work, though. Can you help?

  4. Can I use Cotton Blend even though its not a worsted weight yarn?

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