Friday, June 28, 2013

Project: Toddler Drawstring Backpack

Sorry I haven't been updating the page this week.  After wrapping up the Crochet Pin-Along this week, I jumped into a couple of quick projects I needed to get done.

We've been looking at our calendar for the summer, because there are a couple of places we wanted to take the kids for day trips.  One that's been on my mind is visiting one of my favorite parks from when I was a child, StoryLand.  With our family commitments coming up (and pretty much lasting the rest of our weekends this summer) we decided we would try for this weekend.

One project that I haven't been able to complete yet is a special 'dress up' item for each of the kids to wear when we go to StoryLand (trying to cut down on souvenir purchasing).  If I am able to complete that project before we go, you will definitely see a post about it.

The second project that I am super excited I finished last night was derived directly from Pretty Prudent (Thank you, Pretty Prudent!).  I made each of the boys their own drawstring backpacks to wear when we get to the park that they can keep their own water bottle in, and any other trinkets they acquire while we are there.  The drawstring backpacks were perfectly toddler sized, and if they don't want to carry them, they will easily fit into the diaper bag or on the handles of the stroller.

This was one of the easiest to follow tutorials I've worked with!  Due to this, I did not take process pictures of my beginning and procedural steps since the blog and tutorial has everything you need to craft your own toddler drawstring backpack.

I wanted to share with you a few notes, and my completed pictures!

I used only what I had on hand - which meant some denim fabric that measured an inch smaller than the required 26", and blue single fold bias tape and a thin, green broadcloth.  With the green broadcloth, I crafted my own bias tape (seaming tape) by cutting two 44" x 2" strips.  I ironed a crease going lengthwise, then folded in the two raw edges into the fold and ironed flat.  I decided to make my two strap lengths 44" rather than 36" because my kids seem tall to me (and I was glad I did this because the straps are perfect this way).   I thought the blue bias tape I had was double fold which is why I made the green double fold, but it wasn't.  This required me to sew the two flaps down on the blue bias tape.

When I stitched the green tape together, I also stitched it in two rows (more for decoration) so it matched the blue.  (Since they are twins, I feel if I do for one, I should do for the other!  Not that they would notice but I would.).

These are the finished bags from last night:

This is the boys trying them on this morning.  I was so pleased with the fit!  I will definitely make these bags again.

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