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Project: Toddler Watch

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I had mentioned in my first post that I love pretend play and watching my children in their pretend play.  This project was designed when my boys developed a fascination with my jewelry.  I don't wear much, my wedding and engagement rings, a watch, a bracelet and sometimes earrings.  My watch has a button on it that will illuminate the face in the dark, and once the boys discovered this, I couldn't get them away from my wrist; until I made them their own watches.

Pictured are two toddlers each showing off crocheted watches. The faces of the watches are white, while one watch band is green and the other is blue.

I honestly made these about three months ago, and they have been machine washed at least a dozen times.  They take them to Grammy's house, and wear them around the house and any time we go to a store.  They love having things that make them like mom and dad, so these watches are an important part of their wardrobes and pretend play.

Introducing:  Project Crocheted Toddler Watch

Craft: Crochet


  • Leftover yarn - just reach into your scrap yarn.  I use two colors, white for the "face" of the watch and another color for around the face and the band.
  • I use the H hook to give smaller, tighter stitches, but gauge is not essential to this project as you will make it to fit your child.
Magic Loop (ML)
Single Crochet (SC)
Half Double Crochet (HDC)
Double Crochet (DC)
Slip Stitch (Sl St)
Stitch (St)


With face of watch color:
Magic Loop.  (Check out this video from Crochet Geek if you need a tutorial)
Round 1:  In ML chain 2. (Does not count as DC). 12 DC in ML. Sl St to first DC to join. Fasten off. (12 DC)

Pictured is the first round of double crochet stitches which form the face of the watch.

Round 2: Join new color for around face and band.
2 SC in each DC. Join with sl st to first SC. (24 SC)

Pictured is the second round of single crochet stitches which form the face of the watch.  The first round is white double crochet, while the second is blue single crochet.

Begin working the band.

Row 1
: Ch 2. HDC in same st and in each of next 3 SC. (4 HDC)

Pictured is the completed face of the crochet watch and the first row of the beginning of the construction of the band of the watch.

Row 2: Ch 2, turn. HDC in same st and in each of next 3 HDC. (4 HDC)
Row 3 - 17: Repeat Row 2 until entire piece measures about 7" (see picture).  For me, this was 17 rows of HDC. Yours may be different depending on the yarn or gauge you use.  Fasten off, weave in ends.

Pictured is the completed face of the watch with the completed band before the watch is seamed together.

With wrong side facing, leave seven stitches on either side of the band around the face, sew open band end onto watch face in four remaining stitches.

Diagram showing the completed watch and which stitches should be skipped to sew the band to the face and complete the watch.

Pictured is the completed project - a blue and white crocheted watch for pretend play for a toddler.

There you have it!  A new watch for your tot to put on and off themselves, one that is washable if it gets dirty, and that is very durable.  Also, very easy to make a duplicate if it happens to be left at Grammy's.  Make them in all colors so your little one can coordinate with their clothing or just make one in their favorite color!

Happy crafting!

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