Thursday, February 13, 2014

Project: Slime

Yesterday seemed like a good day to check out my Pinterest Board where I hoard all kinds of activities for my kiddos to do. 

From that, I took one of the boys on a hunt around the house for supplies and we found that we had everything we needed to make Slime as featured in A Pumpkin and a Princess

Although we had glow in the dark paint on hand, I decided not to put it in the recipe since we weren't going to be playing with this with the UV Light (Also known as the "Magic Lamp" in our house).

Here are our fun photos of us following A Pumpkin and a Princess's directions:

After lunch I broke it up into three blobs (since it had oozed back together) and gave each of the kiddos their own to play with.

My daughter was not impressed when I stuck both her hands in. Mini meltdown happened. (Gosh, mom! Don't make me to messy things!)

She was alright after I took her hands out, cleaned her off, and showed her she could just poke it.

My boys jumped right in.  One got a little antsy when it was sticking to him, but he was ok when I showed him he could clean it off by using more.

My daughter lost interest quickly, and went off to play with her kitchen set.  The boys totally hung out with their slime for another hour and fifteen minutes or so.  They did really well keeping it on the table, off the floor and out of their clothing.  Of course, I managed to stick my sweatshirt clad elbow directly into a pile.  Thankfully, atypicalmomof2 had me covered.  Check her out to see how to remove this stuff with vinegar! So easy!

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