Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Spaces: Sharing My Creative Space

This has been a post I have been very excited to share with you! Although, like always, it has taken me a while to sit down and have time to type it all out for you.  Our house has been overrun with an absolutely ridiculous cold that just won't go away.  It's been about a month, and all the kids still have it lingering while it's just about left me, and is just starting with my husband.  I've also recently taken TV out of our daily routine, and have had an absolutely exhausting week scheduling in more activities and things to occupy the kids with.

Also, check out my teammate's blog at Lila Creates.  Her first post of her creative space inspired me to write this up.  Drop her a line to let her know you visited from here.

My Father In Law (FIL) has built a beautiful garage on his property with two big bays; one for working, and one for storing.  His working bay has big, awesome, jaw-dropping pegboard on three of the four walls.  We had recently visited so my husband and FIL could work on one of our cars, and when I snuck (sneaked? I like snuck) away from the kids to take a look, I was immediately envious of the pegboard, and desperately wanted some for my craft room/our office/my creative space/studio (you know, the little room that takes on SO many functions since the rest of the house is overrun by three kids and a dog).  Luckily, my FIL keeps every piece of scrap, and my husband came home with some extra pieces to paint, and scrap wood for the frame.

Here's an awesome picture of the space all put together in daylight:

Go ahead, Pin it. I know you want to!

 Here is a picture for you with details on all the bits and pieces you see there:

And now it's time for some of the other features around this room.

There! Now you can see where I work!  I love my pegboard! I love my yarn bins.  I love this space.

And now one of the kiddos is up from nap, so I need to go make up some lunch.

Happy crafting!


  1. Lordy, Amanda, I am so jealous. In my former life I was a very organized person but my family seems to have rubbed off on me. I am very, very jealous of your space. Did I say jealous? Also please write more details about your sewing machine. Would love to know why it's so great.

  2. Thanks Sarah! When I was a girl, I used to "color-gorize" everything I had - toys, crayons, folders, you name it, it would be organized. Not everything is always neat and tidy, but I can find most everything in the house (which is big, with lots of stuff). With three kiddos under four years old, everything has to be organized!

    My love for my sewing machine could be it's own blog post. Perhaps I will think about doing that - but for now, I love my machine because it can do everything. It is so good to me, and I have tried being so good to it. The machine and cabinet were my mom's and she gave them to me when I had wanted to make costumes for a convention I was going to. It was the machine I learned to sew on when I was about 11 or 12, and it is the machine that was used to make so many costumes and things for me when I was little, it's nice that it is also the machine that is being used for so many costumes and things for my own children.

    1. I should also note that despite the organization, I can never find my eyeglasses or my phone.